The 1291Group Switzerland specializes in providing tailor-made international insurance and investment solutions to financial professionals and private investors

The 1291Group Switzerland Ltd. was founded in 2000 as NMG International Financial Services Ltd. together with NMG Group Inc., a financial services consulting group based in Singapore with 14 offices worldwide.  After 15 years of growth far beyond our initial expectations, we decided to buy out our minority shareholder and change our name to 1291Group Switzerland.

Our new name refers to the foundation of Switzerland. In August 1291, the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden swore an oath to one another to stay independent, to respect and protect the law, all forms of property, and the lives of their families. These are core values of Switzerland that we wanted to be part of our name and these values govern our mission statement:

  • Assist each client to find, create, and maintain the best wealth solution to increase and protect their assets.
  • Establish a long-term relationship with our clients, through the ups and downs of life and markets, to ensure financial stability and well-being for the client as well as for generations to come.
  • Collaborate with first-class financial services companies and other professionals.

Today, 1291Group Switzerland is the largest independent insurance firms for international clients in Switzerland and one of the largest in Europe. Our European clients are served by our sister company 1291Group Europe in Liechtenstein and clients of the Americas are served by our sister company 1291Group of the Americas based in Bermuda.

We focus on providing sophisticated insurance, investment, legal and tax solutions for financial professionals and private investors. Excellent financial solutions require various components: appropriate jurisdictions, sophisticated banking, protective insurance policies, strong legal structures, companies and trusts. You directly benefit from our global network of high-class professionals in different countries and fields of businesses.

  • Services for Financial Professionals: in cooperation with you, we tailor compliant and beneficial solutions for your clients, mainly through insurance and other structures. Our services are supplementary to the services that you already offer. It is our aim to strengthen loyalty and revenues. At the same time, your clients benefit from tax advantages, asset protection and more.
  • Services for Private Clients: Private clients benefit from skillful wealth planning advice as well as tailor-made solutions that provide asset protection, estate planning, and tax and investment optimization.

1291Group Switzerland Ltd. is a member of VQF, Zug, the largest cross-industry self-regulatory organization (SRO) pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act and also licensed by the Swiss Government to provide insurance consultancy services, regulated by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authorities (FINMA).

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The 1291Group Switzerland specializes in providing tailor-made international insurance and investment solutions
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